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What are sticker tags and why they a huge time saver over tagging items with cardstock?

A: Sticker tags are formulated to work seamlessly with Kids Closet Connection software.  You just pop them in your printer like you would a piece of card stock.  The only difference is that bar-coded stickers come out that your don't have to cut and pin to your items.  You can just peel and stick them!  Tag in less than half the time!

Every printer is different, how do know they will work with my printer?

A: While every printer is different, the Kids Closet Connection software runs the same on every computer and the computer tells the printer what format to print your pages in.  Should you run into any problems with alignment, there are several easy fixes, which are included in the detailed instructions that are provided with your sticker tag order.  Also, we are always happy to help!

Will the stickers harm my clothing?

A: No.  These stickers have been tested to be fabric safe.  They are sticky enough to hold well to clothing through an entire sale with shoppers going through the racks, but gentle enough to peel away when shoppers get your item home.  And best of all - NO Holes!  Stickers also make checking out a breeze as the sticker tag is always front and center compared to a floppy cardstock tag!

How do I use sticker tags to tag items that aren't flat?

A: Some items aren't easily tagged with a paper tag or a plain sticker tag.  Those items include shoes, strollers, and toys.  The beauty of sticker tags is that you can quickly and easily add a blank sticker to the back of any bar-coded sticker, punch a hole in the top and attach them to shoes, strollers and toys.  Our sticker tags take a lot of elbow grease to remove from plastic, metal, and cardboard.  So, even if you can find a flat place on large plastic toys, games, and books, it would still be better to add a blank sticker to the back of the bar-coded sticker and attach it with painters tape for easy removal after purchase!  Please see our Facebook page for a video on how to do this.

Do you send me bar-coded stickers for the items I entered or do I print them at home?

A: We mail you blank stickers, practice templates, and detailed instructions and you simply put the stickers into your printer and print as you would on cardstock!  That way your account stays secure.

What about safety, don't sticker tags increase sticker tampering?

A:  We have run these sticker tags through 6 sales here in Las Vegas and several more all across the country.  We have not seen an increase in tampering or missing items.   Unfortunately, if someone wants your item for the rock bottom discount of 100%, they are just going to throw it in their bag, not tamper with the tag.  We also feel that the time and energy sticker tags save you outweighs the risk, if there is any more risk than tagging with cardstock.  After all, niether way permanently attaches your tag to the item :)

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